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Once more the stars of the show, the Red Arrows performed a magnificent display at midday on Sunday. One of the cleverest manoevers was a heart with an arrow through which was drawn perfectly by the smoke trails left by three hawks. Several high speed cross-overs wowed the crowd, the multiple cork-screw rolls demonstrated superb precision and the final high-speed split into a fan capped the show perfectly.

Red arrows high speed cross
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A new display for this year was the Utterley Butterley bi-planes. This not only demonstrated the two bi-planes aerial acrobatics but at the same time a pair of twins performed their own routines in a daring wing-walking display.

autterly.jpg (15108 bytes)
More photos of Utterly Butterly

To help comemorate the end of WWII, the veterans parade ended with a flypast by the Battle of Britain display team. Unfortunately, the Lancaster had a sick note but the Spitfire and Hurricane made up for it with some of the aerobatics that helped these planes dogfight the Luftwaffe and save the war.

SpitfireHurricane flies over West Pier lighthouseSpitfire and Hurricane together

Finally, on both days was a demonstration of shear aerial power by a Tornado GR4. This went through several plunging dives into low passes over the harbour and G-pulling turns. Shock waves streamed from the wingtips as it altered wing configuration to delta. The show finished with an amazing vertical power climb until it almost disappeared into the heavens.

RAF Tornado GR4


Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2005