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There was 4 tall ships at this years festival. The most impressive was the Jeannie Johnston a replica barque from Ireland. It commemorates the ship built in Quebec that carried Irish emigrants away from the Great Famine in the mid 1800's.

Jeanie Johnston enetering harbour

Returning to Whitehaven was Tall Ship Zebu a square-rigged vessel from Liverpool, built in Sweden in 1938.

Zebu moored in front of the Beacon

Another first time visitor for the festival was the Kathleen and May. Different from the previous tall ships that visited the harbour by being a 3 masted schooner she has a rig more akin to a modern yacht. She was originally called the Lizzie May when launched in the late 19th century. Later, fitted with engines, she carried on trading along the coast up until 1960 and had visited Whitehaven many times.

Tall ship Kathleen and May passing the West Pier lighthouse

The final tall ship was the French brigantine the Jean de la Lune originally built in Brittany for fishing.

Jean de la Lune in front og the North Pier lighthouse

The Royal Navy provided two of their fast patrol vessels for the festival.

Patrol boat p292 enters WhitehavenP270 in front of Crows nest

The harbour has of course now become a thriving marina packed with yachts. Some of these took place in a regatta just outside the harbour.

regatta off North shore


Whitehaven Maritime Festival 2005